Private Luxury Rentals

Hold your Event in a Luxury Chateau ...
... Or a Magnificent Villa, a Stone Mas in Provence, a Medieval Castle ...
... Helicopter Transfer, Marquee hire, Yacht Charter, Chauffeur Driven Limousine ...
... Bilingual Staff, Daily Maid, Cooks, French Flair Provide a Complete Service!
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Private Luxury Rentals Hold your Event in a Luxury Chateau ...

... or a Magnificent Villa, a Stone Mas in Provence, a Medieval Castle ...
... Helicopter Transfer, Marquee hire, Yacht Charter, Chauffeur Driven Limousine ...
... Bilingual Staff, Daily Maid, Cooks, French Flair Provide a Complete Service!

Private Luxury Rentals in France

Private Luxury Rentals in France
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  • After many hours’ drive on the motorway or landed at the local airport, your Saturday arrival at your property rental in the beautiful rural French countryside is a blessing (GPS a Must as likely it is in the middle of nowhere but hey it’s Glorious France after all and you asked for it).
  • You made it! Beautiful pool, stunning property as per brochure description.... Just perfect.
  • The beginning of a week’s relaxing holiday, or hard working corporate meeting, is a dream come true taking shape with the cigales singing in the garden, BUT the bare kitchen cupboards and empty fridge aren’t sadly as welcoming as your imagination would have suggested!
  • Reality is a harsh reminder .... No local equivalent Tesco express open on out of hours, nearest restaurants will most likely be refusing to serve unexpected guests past a certain hour (labour law restrictions) and the nearest MacDonald's probably a 30 or more mile drive away if you’re lucky. As much as the French’s welcome is well renowned for its Hospitality and Conviviality, they do take their Sunday as their resting day off very seriously, so do not expect much to be open except the local bakery at best.
  • Been there? No doubts we all have and it isn’t fun .... But no panic, help is at hand!
  • French Flair offers a self catering welcome goody pack (delivered shortly ahead of your arrival) to the property of your choice to enable you to chill out as soon as you step through the door.

Your parcel will contain the following:
(Note: An item may be replaced with one of a similar type if unavailable at the time.)

  • One bottle of Chablis 37.5 cl + Cote du Rhone red 37.5 cl
  • Saucisson sec x2 – baton de berger Bridou
  • Coffee moulu L’Or Doux + filters Melitta n04
  • Tea bags Twining English Breakfast
  • Milk long life x 1Candia – 1⁄2 cream ( 25cl )
  • Kitchen Sponge Spontex & washing up liquid Citron Paic 750ml
  • 10x Finish dishwasher tablets (powerball) / Toilet paper 2x rolls
  • Herbs de Provence Ducros dried jar
  • Pasta Barilla Farfalline / rice Uncle ben’s Basmati ( 4 sachets in a pack)
  • Rissoto pronto aux cepes Gallo (ready to cook)
  • Rissoto poulet and parmesan Panzani (ready meal)
  • Ready Sauce bolognaise riche Barilla + carbonara Panzani
  • Extra fruit Jam strawberry Lucien Georgelin + William pear vanilla Lucien Georgelin
  • Cooking Veg Mediterranee cubes Maggi
  • Ready to use béchamel KNOOR (pack of 2) / Roquefort sauce Knorr
  • Olive Oil extra vierge Puget / vinegar balsamique Maille / cooking sea salt / salad sauce Ceasar Amora / mayonnaise oncteuse Amora / mustard Maille Fin Gourmets
  • Brioche tressee au beurre la fournee doree / croissants Pasquier / pains au chocolat la boulangere
  • Terrine de canard a l’armagnac Jean Brunet
  • Terrine de campagne au sel de guerande porc fermier Mere Lalie
  • Canape Toasts nature ronds pain de mie
FREE WELCOME PACK - For Rentals Over £4000 - Click/Tap for Details

As a stunning alternative to holding your corporate conference or seminar, business meeting or training session, or even your family holiday, in an hotel ...

why not host it in a private rented luxury chateau or villa instead?

For greater privacy, flexibility, a touch of exclusivity and with an outstanding flair for Period Aristocratic chic, our dedicated team will outsource your perfect stay in magnificent luxurious properties located throughout France.

No matter what the occasion, a personal leisure break, corporate reception or family event ...

French Flair, a bespoke organiser with a wealth of experience and dedication and with the help of our bilingual staff on the ground and reliable local contractors, can organise your event or holiday in a stone Mas in Provence, a Medieval Castle in the Pyrenees, a Renaissance Chateau in the Loire Valley or a glamorous seafront Residence on the Riviera, to suggest just a few examples.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we provide a total 'end to end' experience, guaranteeing to deliver a myriad of additional services including:

  • Daily maid / cooks / nannies.
  • Airport transfers and car rentals (e.g. Helicopter charter, chauffeur driven limousine).
  • Yacht charter on the Mediterranean.
  • Marquee hire and unique design for outdoor bespoke events on demand.
  • List of Fine wines negotiated with a Bordeaux wholesaler.
  • And last but not least do not forget our free welcome goody pack for rentals over £4,000.00!

For all enquiries please contact Christine on 0208 166 5961 or email

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Featuring Stunning French Locations
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